August 5, 2020 erica

Can’t Touch This…

We’ve essentially applied hand sanitizer and disinfectant to every surface imaginable recently. Disinfectant wipes are a rare and coveted commodity and safety is on the minds of everyone who ventures outside their house right now.

Keeping your guests and staff not only safe, but confident that you’re doing everything you can to protect them is more important today that it ever has been. Which is why we’ve come up with five ways to instill confidence in your guests as they enter your venue…and it doesn’t require disinfectant.

#1 Easy Online Booking

Make social distancing easy with online booking! It’s convenient for your guests and it reduces contact between guests and staff. The best part is that Active8 Software clients pay ZERO online booking fees. You read that right! ZIP, ZERO, ZILCH, NADA!

#2 Industries BEST Online Check-In

Our online check-in process is the BEST in the industry! You’re probably thinking…of course you think it’s the best and while we may be a little biased at times, we’re telling the truth here. Scouts honor! The Active8 Software system is fast, online booking is seamlessly integrated into our system, and your customers have the option to check-in with a barcode when they arrive, further minimizing contact with employees!

#3 Touchless Payments

If your guests are like most consumers with a smart phone, they preferred touchless payments like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Credit Card Tap before it was the “cool thing to do”. Our software comes standard with touchless payment options that can be utilized to purchase tickets, concessions, or merchandise in-store.

#4 Cashless Concessions

Three words that are going to change the way your trampoline park operates. CARD. ON. FILE. This feature is a game changer that allows parents to send their kids to your entertainment center without cash! Instead of sending the kids with cash or their debit card, parents can store a card on file that their kids can use while at your venue. The best way to think of this is like a bar tab. The parents set up the card with your staff, the kids state the name on the card when they’re ready for a snack and BAM! the purchase is complete!

#5 Recurring Memberships

Recurring memberships are the holy grail of all revenue! They are not only an exceptional way to increase consistent revenue at your indoor play center or trampoline park. Memberships also allow members to enjoy your park with minimal staff interaction!

#6 Facial Recognition

We know that we promised five tips, but we couldn’t help ourselves. Consider it a bonus for getting to the end of this post!

Self-service kiosks were quickly becoming the preferred option for many consumers before they were practically bathing in disinfectant daily. Now they are a requirement that help guests socially distance at your venue. Our kiosks offer an abundance of features like ticket purchase, birthday party check-in, ticket assignment, waivers, memberships, digital ticket scanning, special event check-in, and FACIAL RECOGNITION. That’s right! While everyone else has promised facial recognition, we’ve delivered!

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