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Our Top Ten FAQ’s Answered!

You asked and we've answered! We've laid it all out and are excited to provide you with answers to our most frequently asked questions. Discover what everyone wants to know before they sign up or switch to Active8 Software now in this tell all reveal!

01. Why should I switch my software?

This is our favorite question to answer because we love our software and really love talking about our software. However, we understand that you don’t have all day, so we’ll try to be quick.

Why should you switch to Active8 Software. The answer to this question is a little awkward…Ready? Here we go…You don’t realize how bad your online booking process actually is for your customers. We know that’s a little harsh, but it’s true. Our online booking platform is modern, offers a user experience that your customers are comfortable navigating, and we don’t charge online booking fees! Zip. Zero. Nada. If that doesn’t make you schedule a demo right now…well, we can all be a little stubborn. Keep reading! We’re not ready to throw in the towel yet. 😉

What your staff isn't telling you…

Now that the “awkward topic” is out of the way, let’s talk about what your staff isn’t telling you. Are you ready? They are confused, frustrated, and it’s likely that they don’t like the software you’re currently using. The Active8 Software platform offers your extremely tech savvy staff a modern platform that doesn’t resemble MS-DOS. All kidding aside, we’ve created a software platform that’s easy to learn and use. When your staff can efficiently use your software customers have a faster check-in process and better experience at your venue.

Switch and SAVE!

You’re spending more money by not switching! We’ve already mentioned that our clients enjoy a robust online booking platform and zero online booking fees. While this is awesome and absolutely saves you money, it’s only one of the many ways we save your venue money from day one! We also have excellent credit card rates, offer four different pricing tiers designed to provide your venue with everything you need to run day-to-day operations, and a ton more that we would love to tell you about during the demo that you schedule with us!

Purpose-Built Software

Last, but definitely not least, our software was built by individuals with personal experience owning and operating trampoline parks. We’ve quite literally walked in your shoes and have developed a software that is purpose-built for your needs.

Other software providers modified their existing software to meet the needs of entertainment centers with an active focus. We built our software around the needs of our clients and have continued to innovate as the industry grew. Simply put, our software is better because it was built for your style of entertainment center, not modified to fit.

02. What’s it going to cost me?

The real question you want answered…how much? We understand why this question is important and promise that we will provide you with an answer. Before we get to that, we want you to think about how much you’re currently paying for software. Have that number ready? Good. Because we are excited to say you’ll likely pay roughly the same for our all-in-one, cloud-based, software platform. Admit it…you thought we were going to say some outrageous number that exceeded your annual nacho cheese budget didn’t you!

Now that we’ve broken the ice on the “money” topic let’s continue the conversation and talk about the upfront software fees. We don’t have any. All software fees are charged monthly. That was an easy one! What else have you got?

Active8 Software Starts at $249 Per Month for Small Venues

We know what you’re thinking. No upfront software fees. No online booking fees. An easy to use cloud based platform that my staff will love using. It’s almost too good to be true. Hold on to your hat! We have at least one more doozie for you. Our software pricing starts as low as $249 per month. And you thought we were kidding when we said we weren’t going to exceed your annual nacho cheese budget! With savings like these you can add that slushy machine you’ve been dreaming about to your list of items to purchase next month.

In all fairness, we want to clarify that our Essentials plan starts at $249 per month and is ideal for small venues with fewer software needs. Plans for larger venues that wish to take advantage of everything the Active8 Software platform offers start at $600 per month.

03. Can your software help make me more money?

The short answer is…Yes!

Saving money on software is great, but making more money is even better. Which is why we offer features like recurring memberships or what we like to call the HOLY GRAIL OF ALL REVENUE! Our recurring memberships feature comes with automated billing, notifies you when your customers card is declined, and is customizable. This is one of the many features our software offers that increases revenue!

04. Do I have to buy all new equipment?

To answer this question, we first must ask you a question. Is your equipment from a time when MySpace was the “coolest” social media platform available? If your answer to this question is no, then it’s highly likely that the equipment you have will work great with our software.

If you think that your software may be the same age as MySpace or were just curious to know how long ago MySpace was actually “cool” the answer to that question is 2007. Yeah 13 years ago we were all designing our own MySpace pages and listening to Fergie sing “Big Girls Don’t Cry” on our iPods. Oh the memories.

05. What about my guest’s experience?

Guests can easily manage their entire account online from any smart device. This means that they don’t need to call in to book parties, add waivers to their account, or update their membership payments. It makes their entire experience better. Think your entertainment center can live without online booking and convenient access that your customers use every day? Check out our Is it time for a change? post to learn more about why you simply can't live without online booking.

06. What about support, is it any good?

Our support staff are real live people based at our home office in Dallas, Texas. Everyone on our support team is just as passionate about our software as we are and are available to assist our clients 7 days a week. We treat you like a partner in the industry and that starts with you being able to get in touch with us.

07. How long have you been around and who uses your software?

As a group we’ve been in the industry in various aspects for over 15 years, but Active8 Software has been around for nearly 5 years. 

Our group is comprised of industry experts that have not only been involved in the trampoline park industry for more than 15 years, they have also helped develop standards, served on the IATP board, and helped grow the industry to what it is today. The knowledge our group has about the family entertainment industry led us to start Active8 Software in 2016. We discovered that while there were point of sale options available to trampoline parks and similar adventure centers that there really wasn’t anything purpose built for the industry. And the rest is history! Our purpose-built software was built by family entertainment center experts for entertainment centers with an active focus, like trampoline parks, indoor play centers, and adventure centers.

We’re going to name-drop for a minute…

Are you asking us to “name, names”…because we will! Altitude Trampoline Park, Zava Zone Adventure Parks, and Just Jump Trampoline Park are a few of our “big name” clients. While we love our “big name” clients we are also equally committed to our independent clients. We treat all of our clients with the same dedication and passion regardless of the size of their venue or number of parks they have on our system. Everyone from mom and pop shops to large franchises, are equally loved by our team. We work hard to ensure they have everything required to run their entertainment venue efficiently.

08. What about the future? Are you adding more features?

All successful software companies are required to constantly innovate and improve their software to meet the ever-changing needs of their clients. Software companies that serve family entertainment centers…you know like us…are required to provide clients with what they need before they know they want it! It’s almost like predicting the future. Our team looks at what’s going on with technology across all industries and then works to bring the latest innovations like self-service kiosks with facial recognition, kitchen management that sends a text message to your guests phones when orders are ready for pickup, and more!

09. What’s the catch? Where are the added fees?

You’re skeptical. We get it. If life has taught us anything it’s that if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is in fact “too good”. Here’s the deal. There isn’t a catch! Scouts honor…and as a former scout I take scouts honor seriously! Everything we’ve described from our tiered pricing program that offers only the software features your entertainment center needs to a dedicated support team that’s available when you need them, and even the facial recognition part is all true!

Beyond our tiered pricing, there is only a small fee for the optional facial recognition and text messaging features. These fees are on a per-transaction basis, as the phone companies charge to send text messages. These fees are minimal but well worth it.

10. How long is it going to take to switch? How do I get Started?

We’ve set up a new customer in under a week, but we usually recommend taking a little more time than that…

We saved our second favorite question for last. How long or how painful is the switching process. We’ll be honest with you here…well we’ve been honest this entire time, but here we’re really going to get to the point. Switching from your current platform to Active8 Software can take less than a week. Impressive right!

While we can absolutely get you set up and completely switched to our platform in less than a week, we don’t want to make anything but a stellar first impression with our new clients. This is why we usually take a little extra time to make sure that all of your parties, tickets, and employees are properly set up before we hand over the reins.

The conversion process usually takes one hour start to finish, but we are only able to complete this process on Saturday’s at 2:00 CST… KIDDING! Horrible joke. We apologize. Converting does actually take about an hour. It is completed at the absolute best time for your venue, when you’re not open to the public. Whew! We thought we lost you there for a second. Glad to see that you’re still reading.

If you’ve made it this far, you must be ready to book a demo with us!

Before we let you go, we want to give our friends at FunSpot a shot out and thank them for allowing us the opportunity to talk with them about our top ten frequently asked questions on their Tuesday Townhall.

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