January 22, 2021 erica

What Have You Accomplished This Year?

Quick Question. What have you accomplished this year? You think we’re kidding. Nope! We’re 100% serious when we ask what you’ve accomplished this year. And yes, we realize that it is only January. 😊

If you’re like pretty much everyone we know, you took a deep breath as the new year began and felt a wave of relaxation pass over you. It was almost as good as sitting on the beach with your favorite beverage listening to the waves crash on the shore. At least that’s how we felt as the clock struck midnight and a year that change how we live our lives forever ended…aka 2020.

The last year taught us many valuable lessons: always have a healthy supply of toilet paper on hand and when in short supply disinfectant wipes are worth their weight in gold. 😉 It also taught us that being prepared for whatever the universe decides to throw at us is just as important as enjoying the little things. Like taking your kids to their favorite family entertainment center on a Saturday afternoon. As we slide into a new year, we have to ask…are you ready?

Ready or Not!

The answer to this question is easy…YES! We are ready to hear a roar of laughter coming from party rooms filled with excited kids. We are ready to hear kids yell as loud as they can “I made it!” when they reach the top of the climbing wall. WE ARE ALL READY…but is your software ready? Our lives and the way we live them have been changed forever. Can your software deliver the customer experience your guests now expect?

It’s 2021 and expectations have changed

In the past…you know the year 2019…purchasing online was convenient. Well, we aren’t in 2019 anymore Toto and purchasing EVERYTHING online is now more than just convenient or preferred. It is how we have purchased everything from groceries to Christmas gifts for the last several months. Which means that offering an EASY TO USE online booking process for your trampoline park or indoor play center is more essential now, than it has ever been before.

We won’t go into a ton of details about how amazing, easy to use, and modern the online booking platform is with Active8 Software. We’ll just leave this review about Active8 Software here and let one of our clients, Erick, do the talking…

“I often have guests that have already filled out waivers, bought tickets and checked themselves in all on their own, before stepping into the park. It brings me great satisfaction because it lets me know the system works and it makes my job as on operator a lot easier.”

– Erick P.
Entertainment Center Owner

Now we know that we said we wouldn’t go into detail…but we can’t help ourselves and have to mention one fact about our online booking. Our clients NEVER pay online booking fees! ZIP. ZERO. ZILCH. Whew! We feel much better now.

Take action…Now!

We’ve caught our breath. We’ve made our plans. It’s time to put your 2021 plan into action. If your plan doesn’t include evaluating a new software solution for your family entertainment center, it should. Schedule a demo with our team today to learn how Active8 Software is ready to help our customers succeed in 2021….and beyond.

Still not convinced.

Don’t take our word for it take theirs! Read all reviews about Active8 Software here.


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