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Re-Opening Your Trampoline Park

The time has finally come! You’re in the process of re-opening your family entertainment center after the pandemic closure. As you physically jump up and down with excitement a little bit of concern creeps into your happiness. Unfortunately, trampoline parks and other active entertainment centers are not returning to “business as usual.” You may be wondering what to expect as you prepare to re-open your venue.

Active8 Software is purpose-built for active entertainment centers. Our cloud-based software is designed and operated by individuals who have extensive experience in the trampoline and adventure park industry. While we know that you obviously value our opinion…I mean you trust us enough to have made it this far into our post.😊 We wanted to share real-world advice from owners who live the trampoline park life every day! So, we reached out to our wonderful clients for help!

Our Experts

Introducing our wonderful clients, who took time to share their post pandemic closure trampoline park re-opening experience…say that three times fast! 😉

First up is Daniel at House of Air Trampoline Park Crowley. Daniel is the owner/operator of House of Air Trampoline & Ninja Park, located in Crowley, Texas. Being that Texas was one of the first states to allow trampoline parks and similar active entertainment centers to re-open, Daniel has opened the longest.

Our next respondent is Tye with Altitude Trampoline Park Grand Rapids. Tye is the owner/franchisee of Altitude Trampoline Park Grand Rapids. His trampoline park in Grand Rapids, Michigan has been opened for a few months.

Welcoming Guests Back

As a family entertainment center veteran, you have a plethora of experience ensuring that your guests have an excellent time at your venue. At least you have experience in a pre-pandemic world. Don’t fret! Daniel and Tye shared that while some things have changed, many things have remained the same! We’ll start off with the easy stuff and go over what remained the same for our experts.

Our trampoline park owners reported that guests are still excited to be at their venue and out of the house. They also reported that guests are revisiting their venues at the same rate as pre-pandemic visits. Lastly, each of our aficionados stated that Birthday parties and events are still popular and that they are booking parties!


Social Distancing at Your Trampoline Park

Now that we’ve covered what’s remained the same at adventure parks, let’s move on to what has changed. And more importantly, how you can prepare for your grand re-opening.

Social distancing, sanitizing, face coverings, and enhanced cleaning practices have become a standard practice in everyday life. Trampoline parks are no exception to these standards. The question is how do you encourage social distancing at an active entertainment center?

Our re-opening experts answered that they have utilized a variety of new protocols to encourage social distancing and reduce touch points. Tye explained that they use stickers in place of wristbands to track jump time. Tye went on to say that they also installed plexiglass dividers to provide a barrier between staff and guests at the check-in area. The Altitude Grand Rapids team also requests that guests slide/tap their credit cards themselves. Daniel commented that House of Air also implemented several social distancing protocols at his adventure park. He went on to say that utilizing QR codes for all waivers has been a game changer at his entertainment center.

In addition to the above-mentioned protocols, both Daniel and Tye commented that they encourage guests to book online before arriving at their parks. In fact, both trampoline parks have seen an increase in online booking since re-opening! Just in case you were wondering…Active8 Software offers an easy-to-use online booking platform. Park guests love the easy to use online process and our clients really enjoy the fact that we don’t charge online booking fees…EVER! 😉

We’re Open!

You’ve received the green light to re-open! The staff has been educated on new cleaning procedures, how to encourage social distancing, and other necessary protocols. You reminisce about the initial grand opening of your family entertainment center and how excited you were to finally open your doors. While you recognize that it won’t be exactly the same, you’re still elated to have guests at your venue again. And you should be! This is an exciting time! Before you can welcome guests back to your venue, you must ensure that they feel comfortable coming back to your adventure park. Which brings us to the big question. How do you encourage guests to return?

We’ve got you covered….or at least our lovely clients have provided some excellent guidance. Here’s what Daniel and Tye suggested when we asked them, how they enticed their customers to visit their re-opened trampoline parks. The first suggestions were to offer discounts on jump time, limited time promotions, and membership discounts.

Next up was clean, clean, and clean some more. Each of our experts stated that it’s important for you to educate your guests on your updated cleaning standards. Tye and the team at Altitude Trampoline Park have their cleaning standards displayed prominently on their website. Daniel and his team at House of Air Trampoline Park stressed the importance of having the staff actively cleaning when guests are enjoying the park. And both of our experts continue to utilize social media to educate customers on their cleaning practices.

Top Tips!

We asked our respondents to share top tips that they would like to pass along to their fellow family entertainment center operators. Both of our park owners mentioned the importance of excellent customer service. In fact, Daniel at House of Air stated, “Customer service is more important now than ever!”. Daniel went on to reinforce the importance of active cleaning throughout jump time and stated that visible cleaning goes a long way in making guests feel comfortable.

Tye at Altitude Trampoline Parks also expressed the need for excellent customers service. Tye explained that showing empathy during these difficult times is an essential part of customer service that they’ve had to navigate since re-opening. He went on to explain that guests at his park will often voice their opinions on political topics, like mask wearing. Tye stated that the key is to keep your response to any political  comment neutral. One example he provided was to respond with “I know, this whole mess has been a real challenge. We can’t wait for it to be over.”

Stay Safe & Jump On!

Navigating difficult times is easier when you have others who have walked the path you're traveling. Which is why it's only fitting to give our two experts a huge thank you for their input and help! We are grateful to be a part of an industry that is filled with individuals who consistently lend a helping hand.

The Active8 Software team is always looking for ways to connect with our clients. We strive to listen to what’s going on at the park level and improve our software to accommodate changes. Having clients like Tye and Daniel that are willing to share experiences helps us all find a path to success!

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