May 27, 2021 erica

Trampoline Park Memberships & Summer Love

We LOVE summertime and as a trampoline park owner you should too! What’s not to love? Backyard bar-b-ques, beach vacations, sunny days, and an abundance of time to make new memories…at trampoline and adventure parks! Ahh…We’ve got your attention now.

Opportunity is knocking and the time to act is now! Parents have already started wondering what they will do to break the boredom cycle that seems to start the second week of June. Obviously, your family entertainment center is an answer to every parents’ dilemma, but how do you keep guests coming back all summer long? EASY! Memberships!

We like to think of memberships as the holy grail of all revenue for trampoline parks and adventure venues. Before we go into why we LOVE memberships, we want to address some common concerns we often hear about memberships.

Membership Roadblock #1

Recurring Charges – The fact that memberships offer your adventure park recurring revenue is not a concern. However, remembering to charge your guests for their membership pass each month is a time-consuming mess. At least that’s the case with other software systems! Active8 Software automatically charges members for their pass every month!

Membership Roadblock #2

Expiration Dates & Card Declines – How will I know if a member’s card expires or gets declined? Easy! Our software system alerts you and puts the membership on hold.  What else have you got?

Membership Roadblock #3

Time Consuming Set Up – While this may be the case with some software systems, with Active8 Software setting up a membership is easy! In fact, your customers can purchase memberships in-store or online. And if you ever run into any issues, our customer support team is here to help SEVEN DAYS A WEEK!

Let’s Talk Membership LOVE

Now that we’ve demonstrated how Active8 Software has overcome common issues with memberships, it’s time to discuss why we LOVE memberships.

Recurring Revenue – This one was mentioned above, but it’s such an important one that we had to highlight it again! Memberships provide your trampoline and adventure park with consistent revenue each month! This makes forecasting and managing cash flow much easier.

Repeat Visits & Customer Loyalty – Most guests who purchase a membership have visited your adventure park in the past. They enjoyed themselves so much that they’ve made the decision to join your membership program. Or simply put they’ve jumped from an occasional customer to a loyal customer who plans on visiting your venue multiple times!

Up Sell Opportunities – Active fun like jumping on a trampoline, climbing your extreme wall challenge, and conquering the ninja course is sure to work up an appetite. This means that guests who are now loyal because they purchased a membership, will spend money at your café! That’s right you’re collecting a recurring monthly payment from the guest and they purchase a soda and snack while they’re at your venue! We weren’t kidding when we said memberships were the holy grail of all revenue!

Let’s Get This Party Started!

Ready to switch? Not yet convinced and have questions? Either way we’re excited to speak with you! Please contact us to learn more about adding Active8 Software to your trampoline park, adventure park or indoor play center.

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