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3 Ways Your FEC Can Make A Stellar First Impression

Someone influential in your life has likely uttered the phrase “you only get one first impression”. If you were like most of us, you probably didn’t think too much about the impact that initial encounters have the first time you heard those words. It’s likely that you assumed that this tiny five-word phrase was directed primarily towards job interviews, first dates, and other important but seldom encounters.

Now that you’re a successful owner and operator of an active entertainment center, you know that first interactions are a daily occurrence. First impressions take place each time a new guest walks through the doors of your venue, purchases jump time online through your website, calls your trampoline park to inquire about birthday parties, and well you get the idea.

We’re also betting that you have an exceptional understanding of how important first impressions are when it comes to your business. You know that if there’s a misstep during that initial encounter the guest relationship could end before they realize all the awesome attractions and services your indoor adventure park can offer them.

Don’t fret! We’ve put together a list of three ways your trampoline park or indoor play center can make an awesome first impression.

#1 The KISS Method

We strongly believe in the KISS method. You know Keep It Simple, Smarty…you thought we were going to use the other “s” word didn’t you. 😊

Our cloud-based software is designed to navigate your guests quickly and efficiently to their end goal. Whether that be purchasing tickets at a self-service kiosk, booking a birthday party online, or purchasing tickets in-store. We keep it simple and easy because no mom has ever said “I’m so disappointed that booking little Johnny’s birthday party wasn’t more difficult and time consuming! It was just too dang easy!”.

#2 Reduce Wait Times

One of the best ways to improve first impressions at your adventure park is by reducing the amount of time your guests wait in line. You may be thinking…thanks for stating the obvious?

The big question is how do you decrease your guest’s wait time without negatively impacting their experience? Well, the best way is to choose a software system that’s purpose built to accommodate active entertainment center workflows. You know like Active8 Software. Oh…did we forget to mention that our clients report that their guests have an average in-store wait time of 3-minutes and a 2-minute online checkout time. It must have slipped our minds. 😉

#3 Self-Service Kiosks

We’ve saved the best for last. It’s no secret that big box retailers, grocery stores, and even dine-in restaurants are taking advantage of self-service technology. Consumers have become accustomed to using self-service stations and dare we say it are starting to fall in love with the convenience these modern check-out stations provide. Give your customers the self-service options they want with a custom branded kiosk that offers an abundance of useful features.

Active8 Software self-service kiosks are fully integrated into our cloud-based platform. Guests can purchase tickets, check-in for birthday parties, complete waivers, digitally scan their tickets, and a lot more!

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