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Host Epic Birthday Parties With Active8 Software

Birthday party packages are a staple offering at family entertainment centers. These group events can easily be the number one source of revenue for trampoline parks and similar indoor play centers. The key to hosting epic birthday parties is viewing the party planning and booking process from the customers perspective.  

Let’s dive into some key strategies and habits that active entertainment center can put to work in their quest to achieve the “best party ever” seal of approval.

Make Booking Birthday Parties Easy

Parents often choose indoor play venues for their kid’s birthday party celebration because they’re looking for a simple party solution. As an entertainment center operator, it’s imperative that you provide parents booking birthday parties with an easy booking process. A complicated system that’s difficult to navigate will likely result in Mrs. Jones booking her son’s 8th birthday celebration at a competitor’s venue.

The Active8 Software party booking platform guides parents through the booking process. Parents can purchase pre-built party packages online from their mobile device or desktop computer. Our system also allows entertainment center staff to customize party packages on the fly.

Simplify The Invitation & Waiver Process

Waivers have been a unique challenge for active entertainment centers from the beginning. Ensuring that twenty party goers have a waiver on file, while managing the Saturday afternoon rush is often a recipe for disaster. This is especially true if you don’t have a solid process in place and a software system designed to accommodate your venues needs.

Active8 Software is purpose-built for active entertainment venues. This means that our cloud-based software is designed to overcome obstacles that plague many other systems. Our solution to the waiver dilemma was simple. We encourage parents to send out pre-built evites that include an RSVP button and digital waiver. Each evite is connected to our software and stores all information collected for the party. Parents of the guest of honor and entertainment center staff can easily see who has accepted the invite and completed the waiver. This innovative feature makes the check-in process much easier!

Expedite Party & Group Check-In’s

Digital invitations aren’t the only solution in our hat of party tricks. Birthday party attendees who haven’t signed their waivers before they arrive at the venue, can complete waivers at a self-service kiosk or tableside with the party host!

Party Management & Planning

Active entertainment centers that earn the “best party ever” seal of approval from the harshest of critics, aka preteens, are well prepared for each party and have implemented a proven process.

The Active8 Software party platform helps party hosts achieve success with built-in features like party checklists, calendar view, and tableside service.

Party Checklists – Our integrated pre-party checklist adds a time stamp to each completed task. This helps ensure that party hosts don’t miss even the smallest detail.

Calendar View It’s easy to prepare for upcoming events and modify party schedules with our integrated calendar view. Quickly see what birthday parties and group events are scheduled with our party calendar. Managers can also modify scheduled events on the fly with our drag and drop feature.

Tableside Service – A successful birthday party is one where the party host is ready and available for the guests needs, not running back and for to the point of sale station. Our tableside feature allows party hosts to place café orders, increase or decrease the number of party guests, and monitor orders in the kitchen. All of this and more is accomplished without leaving the party room!

Let’s Get This Party Started!

Nobody parties like Active8 Software! Book a demo today to learn more about how our cloud-based software can help your entertainment center earn party bragging rights!


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