December 13, 2021 erica

3 Signs Your Trampoline Park Should Upgrade Software in 2022 ⁠

The new year is only couple weeks away! And after another exciting year filled with plenty of winning moments and at least a few instances that make us utter the phrase “what was I thinking”, we’re all ready for the new year. The first step in preparing for 2022 is to take a good look at 2021.

As you gaze into the past months, you identify several areas that are performing exceptionally well at your trampoline park. You then move onto areas that could use some attention and round things off with a list of areas that need a complete overhaul. Regardless of how many wins and losses your family entertainment center had over the last year, we’re certain of one thing. You made it through another year. We also know that your list is highly focused on two key areas. Improving venue management and enhancing customer experiences.  

The software system your trampoline park utilizes to sell tickets, manage birthday parties, monitor memberships, and essentially run your venue, is likely at the top of your review list. And if it’s not, it should be!

To make your 2021 review a little easier, we’ve identified three key areas for the software portion of your review. This list will help you decide if your current software system is ready for the big goals you have set for 2022 or if it's time to make a change.

#1 Is your online booking system ready for 2022?

Millennials are the current generation with the greatest spending power, and Gen Z isn’t far behind them. There are two things everyone knows about these generations. The first known fact is that they can’t function without their cell phones. Fact number two is that they purchase everything from groceries to movie tickets online…with their cell phone. If your adventure park online booking platform isn’t keeping up with these tech savvy generations, it’s very likely that your losing potential bookings!

Clients who switched from their legacy software to Active8 Software saw an increase in online bookings after the switch! The modern look and user-friendly design of our cloud-based software makes reserving jump time, booking parties, and purchasing memberships easy!

#2 Memberships don’t have to be a hassle

Managing memberships can be a huge hassle if you don’t have the right software in place. You’re either constantly monitoring memberships to ensure that they’re working properly or checking to make sure that members were charged appropriately. It’s a huge burden. Your time is valuable. You shouldn’t be spending it monitoring recurring memberships. This is something your entertainment center software should complete automatically.

Active8 Software offers a membership platform designed to take the hassle out of recurring memberships. Our software allows you to customize your membership packages. It also includes a recurring billing feature that automatically charges customers for their membership each month. The best feature our membership platform offers is the automatic pause. If the members card on file is declined, our system will pause the membership until the customer can update the payment method.

#3 Leave online booking fees in 2021 where they belong

Consumers don’t like paying online fees. In fact, a recent study found that the number one reason customers abandon their cart during the checkout process is because extra fees are charged.

As an entertainment center owner, your goal is to ensure that your guests have an excellent experience. It's imperative that they enjoy everything from the booking process to the end of their heart pounding fun. That’s why many trampoline park owners absorb online booking fees for their customers. Thus, reducing profits on every online booking.

There’s a better way to handle online booking fees. It’s really a simple solution. Don’t charge them! Active8 Software never charges online booking fees. Our clients don’t have to choose between taking a hit on their online bookings or charging their customers a fee. It's a win for everyone involved.

How did your current software rate?

If your trampoline park software system didn’t hit the exceeds expectations on these three areas, it’s time to consider Active8 Software. Book a demo today and discover how easy we make switching your trampoline park to our cloud-based software!


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