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A Guide to Starting Your Own Trampoline Park

Trampoline parks offer a variety of attractions for people of all ages. These popular family entertainment venues started out as a novel trend in 2004. Today, trampoline parks are the fastest-growing venue in the family entertainment center industry. Entrepreneurs find that trampoline parks and similar venues are an excellent investment because they capture a wide target market. These venues can also pull in loyal customers that return to the park time and again by ensuring that staff is well-trained, and that cleanliness is a top priority.

Thanks to patron loyalty and the novelty of the trampoline park concept, the LA Times revealed that a monthly profit of $150,000 was common among trampoline parks. It’s no surprise that the market for the global trampoline park is projected to reach $3.2 billion by 2023, making it a solid business investment for the future. If you want your trampoline park business plan to come to fruition, here are proven strategies that will help guide you.

Create your trampoline park business plan

Whether you’re getting the approval of investors or simply strategizing for your business venture, it’s important to develop a strong business plan. Since this document outlines how you plan to run your trampoline park, it's critical that you conduct research regarding your target market and the latest industry trends. Crafting a strategic trampoline park business plan, will aid in ensuring that both you and your investors  have a clear roadmap towards your park’s success.

Select a suitable location

Your park’s location is a key detail that should be included in your trampoline park business plan. Selecting the ideal location for your trampoline park is one of the most important decisions you will face during your entrepreneurial journey. A spot that has excellent foot traffic like a shopping mall is an excellent option if you can meet the hefty rent, but you may have to compromise on space. Conversely, locations off the beaten path like warehouses can give you ample space at a lower rental price. The draw back with this type of location is that you’ll have to invest more in marketing and will need to be strategic in enticing customers to drive out of the way to reach your venue.

A good location can often be the key to success, so completing extensive research on possible options and markets needs to be done early on in your planning stage.

Invest in training your staff

Since staff will be interacting directly with customers, it’s important that you and your senior-level employees take charge of training them in the proper practices within the trampoline park. Staff are more likely to rise to expectations and take on key responsibilities, especially if their leaders are providing hands-on training as opposed to hired trainers.

On top of that, you can reduce employee turnover and improve your workforce’s performance levels by offering refresher training for employees. While training staff as you onboard them is important, including refreshers when your employees have a little more experience can improve overall performance. Annual training courses on safety protocols that aim to lessen the risk of injuries or accidents at your trampoline park are available through the International Association of Trampoline Parks. It’s also a good idea to train the staff in customer interaction, and refresh this training  before peak seasons begin.

Establish your online presence

It’s no secret that online access is the preferred method for many customers. Thus, creating a user-friendly website where trampoline park guests can book time at your park is a requirement today. A software system that makes selecting the date, time, and quantity of tickets more convenient can often be the factor that pulls in more customers.

Selecting a software provider that understands the highly competitive nature of digital spaces can increase your online ticket sales and the success of your entertainment venue. An experienced software provider will have knowledge on a variety of areas like cart abandonment and will provide a dedicated support team to aid you when required.

The trampoline park business is filled with exciting opportunities and a plethora of skilled professionals who can help your business succeed. Our team takes pride in providing a purpose-built software solution designed for trampoline parks. We’re here to help ensure that your trampoline park business venture has a software solution that meets your needs and is supported by a team of dedicated experts. If you’re looking to start your trampoline business, please book a demo now.

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