Holiday Gift Card Tips for 2019

Ready or not gift giving season has arrived! Toy stores have released this year’s most coveted toys, Black Friday mailers have been circulated, gift card specials have been announced and limited time offers with discount codes that can be redeemed online are hitting email inboxes.

The good news is that it’s not too late! You can still capture your share of the holiday spending craze. Here are some tips on how to boost your gift card sales this holiday season.

The Power of Gift Cards

It’s no surprise that gift cards are on everyone’s holiday wish list. In fact, the National Retail Federation reported that consumers spent a whopping $23.6 billion on gift cards during the holiday season last year, with an average purchase of $40 per card. Adults aren’t the only ones receiving gift cards. A separate survey on gift cards reported that 80% of respondents said that they would likely buy at least one gift card for a child.

Online & In-Store

We’ve identified that gift cards are an excellent way to boost holiday sales. Now, let’s talk about how you capture your share of the gift card purchase this holiday season. Step number one is promoting your gift card specials on your website, through email and social media campaigns, and of course in-store!

  • In-Store Gift Cards: Train your staff to speak with each customer that comes in about your gift card specials. Incentivize your team to promote gift card sales by rewarding them for reaching their sales goals. The reward could be anything from buying lunch for the top three sellers to allowing your team to wear their favorite ugly sweater to work one day during the holiday season.
  • Online or eGift Cards: Utilize your website and social media pages to promote eGift cards that can be purchased through your website. Your customers will appreciate the convenience of the online purchase and with our modern interface they will be able to complete their eGift card purchase in three easy steps.

Run a Gift Card Promotion

Consumers love a good deal. Even the slightest discount on a gift card can make the purchase more appealing to potential buyers. One way to make a gift card purchase more appealing is to present your customers with a limited time offer that rewards them for purchasing a gift card at your venue. For example, you can run a promotion that provides $5 off for every $25 in gift card value. Just remember to advertise that the promotion is only good through the 2019 holiday season.

Reward Your Current Customers

The last holiday promotion is ideal for thanking your loyal customers. The week before Christmas run a thank you promotion. This could be as simple as providing each customer that visits your venue during that week a discount code, they can use online to purchase jump or play time in the new year.

Numbers Don’t Lie

Regardless of the promotion you choose to run, it’s imperative that you do a deep dive into the analytics of the campaign once it’s concluded. This will not only help you understand if it was a success or not, it will also help you decipher what promotions you might want to employ throughout the new year.

The Bottom Line

Increasing sales at your entertainment center during the holiday season can really pay off and getting started isn’t as hard as you may have thought. If you’d like to know more about how Active8 Software approaches discount codes, in-store gift cards sales, eGift card sales and reporting, please visit our site. If you would like to see the Active8 Software system in action, call us at 888-500-2618 to schedule a demo.


Active8 Wins 2019 IATP Exhibitor of The Year Award

Active8 Software, a cloud based software solution purpose built for family entertainment centers, is celebrating a successful IATP Conference and Trade Show, after launching their new self-service kiosk and accepting an award.

Active8 Software officially launched their fully integrated self-service kiosk at the International Association of Trampoline Parks (IATP) Conference and Trade Show in New Orleans, Louisiana.

In addition to a busy conference, the company was welcomed with an overwhelmingly positive response from conference attendees who were some of the first to try the kiosk in-person at the event. Active8 CEO, Greg Spittle, commented that the response from IATP attendees and fellow exhibitors was excellent. “We were blown away by all of the positive feedback we received at the IATP conference. It was great to see how much everyone loved our new kiosk and other advancements we made to our software system over the past year.”

Automating More Than Ticket Sales

The Active8 kiosk allows entertainment center guests to purchase tickets a self-service station. It also ensures that customers can sign and verify waivers, purchase memberships and season passes, check-in for birthday parties, and even prompts guests to add additional items like food and beverage to their purchase.

Innovative technologies including facial recognition and an ID scan feature called, Fast-Scan, expedite the check-in process for guests who choose to use those “opt-in” features. The Fast-Scan feature auto populates waiver fields by scanning the guests’ data from their driver’s license. Guest are also able to sign in using facial recognition.

Active8 Awarded 2019 IATP Exhibitor of The Year

The Active8 Software team also enjoyed some recognition at the 2019 IATP Awards Banquet, where the company was presented with the IATP Exhibitor of The Year Award. This award is granted to the exhibitor that showcases an exceptional presence at the conference and receives the most votes from conference attendees and fellow exhibitors at the show.

Greg expressed his gratitude at the IATP Awards Banquet and stated, “We are honored to have received the Exhibitor of The Year Award. It’s awesome to be part of an industry that recognizes innovative concepts. We also would like to extend our gratitude to everyone who stopped by the booth and our current customers. Our goal is to provide our clients with innovative solutions that help them better serve their customers.”

Active8 Announces Self-Service Kiosk

Active8 Software, a leading point of sale service provider for trampoline parks and similar entertainment centers, announces the release of their new self-service kiosk.

 Active8 Software has announced the release of their new self-service kiosk. The software company, located in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, stated that the kiosk is set to hit the market later this year and will be the first fully functional kiosk available to trampoline parks and similar family entertainment centers.

A rise in self-service processes across all consumer industries led the point of sale software company to develop a kiosk that would allow guests at entertainment centers, like trampoline parks, Ninja Warrior gyms and climbing gyms, to complete waivers, purchase tickets and even check-in at birthday parties.

Active8 Self-Service Kiosk Promises to Exceed Expectations

The CEO of Active8 Software, Greg Spittle, commented that similar kiosks currently available to the family entertainment industry haven't lived up to the expectations of entertainment center operators and their customers. He explained that the Active8 self-service kiosk will provide a balance between the automation that entertainment center operators want, while at the same time ensuring that the venues customers are receiving an excellent end-user experience.

“Our kiosk is designed as an all-in-one solution that completes the entire workflow.” Greg went on to say, “We not only automated ticket purchasing and ticket assignments, but we also added a seamless birthday party check-in process that can be completed by the guest at the kiosk.”

Check-in Birthday Parties On the Active8 Kiosk

Greg explained that birthday parties account for up to 50% of weekend traffic at family entertainment centers and that automating birthday party check-ins is key to helping venues reduce wait time and improve customer satisfaction on their busiest days.

Anyone interested in learning more about the new Active8 self-service kiosk can call 888-500-2618.

See the Kiosk Live at the IATP Conference & Trade Show

Active8 will also have a live demonstration of their new self-service kiosk at the International Association of Trampoline Parks (IATP) Conference & Trade Show, September 23-25, 2019, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

How Trampoline Parks Can Benefit from Digital Waivers

One of the biggest causes of clutter and disorganization is paper. Yes, you can be disorganized in the digital world, too, but it’s a lot harder.


When you need to track down a form, or update a customer’s information, you know you need to be working in the digital age. But, did you know that one of the best ways you can bring your trampoline park point of sale software into the future is with the implementation of digital waivers?


First, it’s so much easier to find what you’re looking for when you can use the “search” function on your computer. Think of it as a fairy godmother, summoning the paperwork you need, right to your screen. With paper, you’re on your own. And your filing system may be great, but it will take up room.


Your paper filing system isn’t smart, in any modern use of the word. It may be streamlined and alphabetized, but that’s about it. And, it won’t remind you when you need to get waivers re-signed. Digital waivers can allow you to be notified when it’s time to be updated, while papers just rest in their little manila folders.


Not only do digital waivers make life easier for you and your trampoline park employees, they also make your customers so much happier. With technology, digital waivers can be linked to each customer, ensuring that every customer is covered. It also ensures that customers can check in, pay, and get to having fun even faster. And when your customers are having fun, you know they’re thinking about coming back already.

Do you need to update your trampoline park software?  Give us a call at 1 (888) 500-2618 to book a demo and learn all about what we can help you do.

Three Reasons You Need Email Marketing

As *super savvy business people* we like to keep up on what’s going on in the world. But, even more specifically, we know how important it is to understand how the world affects our business. When it comes to sales and marketing, so many things have changed in the last few years. Newspapers all over the country have shuttered, and social media has taken the place of how to get the word out. Even throughout the world, social media and the internet have created an almost-instantaneous way of connecting with people. But, even in just the last year or so, social media has been experiencing changes and growing pains. Instead of organic reach (where every fan could see your posts and your events) big companies are starting to utilize algorithms to select what people see. So, your fans may not see what you’re doing, like ever. How can you use this information to your advantage? Keep reading.


Essentially, you own your email list. You can email your customers every day, or not for another six months. It’s all up to you. If you change your mind and want to use another email platform, you can transfer your email list to another service, no problem. Social media doesn’t work that way. You don’t own the platform, or even access to the people who follow you. Understanding that social media is something you’re borrowing is key. Use social, but don’t put all your eggs in one basket.


If you have a list of customers, you can reach them from now until forever. With social? Not so much. So many people experienced crashes in engagement when Facebook (and then Instagram) incorporated and updated algorithms that control what people see in their feeds. Even worse? It’s not always so easy to understand what the algorithm wants from you. Now you have to serve your clients AND a tight-lipped app. Taking the time to crack the algorithm can hurt your business while you’re figuring it out. And, those social media sites could literally disappear one day, leaving you with no way to reach your customers.


If someone gives you their email address, it means so much more than a social media follow. Consider what it would take to give a company a social media follow. Probably not much. But, you likely would weigh the decision to give out your email address a bit more heavily. So, not only are people more likely to see when you’re having a special or offering a sale, they’re actually more likely to WANT that content. You’re providing useful content and information for them, and they’re providing great feedback that you’re providing what they want. That’s a win-win in our business book.

If you want to learn more about how to make your trampoline park a success in 2019, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us today to schedule a demo.

Streamlined Party Booking

What differentiates good businesses from great businesses? Being able to anticipate clients’ needs. It gets harder and harder to impress clients, because expectations are rising. We expect flawless customer service, great packaging, and personality from the companies we buy from. And, when it comes to customer service, we want you to have all the best tools to wow your clients.

When your customers are looking to book a birthday party, they have their minds on a million different things. They have a guest list to confirm, food and drinks to order, scheduling conflicts to account for, and so much more. If things are too hard, you may lose customers halfway through the booking procedure, and they could change their mind entirely about where to host the party. Plus, many entertainment centers, like trampoline parks, ninja gyms, and indoor playgrounds, require safety waivers, which is just one more thing to do. So, the easier you make booking a birthday party for them, the better.

Watch our party booking video to see just how easy we make booking an event with our entertainment center software. We go over the entire process step-by-step. From choosing a date and time, checking availability, picking the party details, identifying the guest of honor, ordering food, booking the event room, choosing optional add-ons (like socks and wristbands), and taking a deposit. Our birthday party booking software makes it simple. It’s almost like our software does everything for you.

Check it out!

Online Booking – You Can’t Live Without It!

*File this under: Easy Peasy*

Americans are spending more and more time online than ever before: we shop, learn, and plan parties all online. We price-compare, fact-check, and dig into the Yelp reviews of various ramen restaurants around town before we head out for dinner.

It's safe to say that we love the convenience of staying at home and getting chores accomplished in our pajamas and we're definitely NOT tossing out our cell phones anytime soon. How can you use this information to help make your entertainment center a success? Team up with Active8 for family entertainment center software that helps your customers plan their outing right from home!

Keep reading for a few ways your customers can tap into your venue (via our cloud based software) at home.

Ticket Sales

It seems like a no-brainer, but we're still shocked by how many companies don't allow for purchases online. We make buying tickets to your family entertainment center super easy! Online from a mobile device, in-store at the check-in counter, or at one of our fully integrated self-service kiosks. And regardless of where your customers purchase their tickets you can rest assured that our single system software solution will be there to track capacity, help you avoid overbooking and duplicate purchases.

Party Booking

Looking to book a party? Our birthday party booking software is specifically designed to make booking large groups a breeze. Manage birthday parties and special events online and in store with our cloud based system. Build custom party packages that appeal to your customers, offer upgrades like additional pizza's, jump socks, and more with our integrated party software.


The biggest hassle and time-waster in a trampoline park, climbing center, indoor playground or any venue that requires a waiver is getting in to have some fun. Even if your park allows for purchases online, chances are good that that's where the convenience ends. Your guests are wondering what's the point of buying tickets online when you still have to wait in line to hand in signed waivers? Our integrated waiver software allows parents to sign waivers online, at a kiosk, table side, or on their mobile device. Every waiver is searchable and is linked to the customer in our system, so your guests have a speedy check-in experience.

Family & Friend Management

We keep things simple, intuitive, and quick. We looked at how people enjoy entertainment centers with an active fun focus and tailored our software to their experience. When was the last time two ten-year olds just showed up at your park by themselves? It's probably pretty rare! So, it just made sense to group people together in who they come with. Families are linked together to keep everyone organized and happy.

Just remember this when it comes to your customers: the easier the better! Keep thinking about how to streamline processes for your customers.

Ready to get started? Book a demo of our all-in-one software today!

The Best Ways to Transition from Old Software to New Software

So, you’ve finally decided to take the leap and upgrade to new software. Honestly, it’s about time. Old software can gum up the works of your business, or even lead to loss of crucial data. But, just because you know something’s wrong, it can take a while to get to the point to make a change.

As behaviorists and psychologists explain, loss aversion rules many of us. Loss aversion refers to the idea that the pain of losing something is actually stronger than the joy of getting something. Essentially, we cling to what’s familiar. After all, the unknown is a lot scarier than the known: it could always get worse, right? But that’s negativity for you. Good on you for realizing that good things come to those who embrace change.

But, now that you’ve decided to make a switch, it’s important to do it right. There’s a reason we fear the unknown, after all. That's why we have complied a list of suggestions you should employ that will help your software transition go from hectic to a crowd pleasing success!

#1 Research

Before anything else, spend time researching your options. You might think you’re wasting time, but nothing feels more like a time-sink than discovering your new point of sale software actually doesn’t do what you thought. Examine your options with a list of your needs, and compare until you find the best fit. Then schedule a demonstration of your top software choices. See it in action and come prepared with you list of must haves to ensure that the system you choose fits the needs of your venue.

#2 Plan

Once you’ve narrowed down your software choices, make a plan for how to make the transition as seamless as possible. Ask the software providers about switching costs, downtime that may require you to close park, and if training is provided. Clients switching to Active8 never experience downtime and enjoy optional onsite launch support. After all, a great first impression is essential to a lasting relationship! Our cloud based software system is also able to connect to any WIFI enabled device. This means you get to keep your existing hardware!

#3 Communicate

How many of us have experienced a well-organized roll-out, and a poorly planned one? The differences are staggering in how long it takes to get employees up to speed, and the learning curve can affect everyone differently. We make sure everyone affected by the software transition understands what’s going on by offering onsite training. Active8 clients also enjoy a single point of contact prior to and immediately following your software launch.

#4 Have a Training Plan

A well executed training plan saves time and ensures that your staff will be able to get back to what really matters, helping your customers have fun at your entertainment center. Our onsite training and easy to navigate platform ensures that your staff goes from novice to an expert in no time. And if questions arise, you can rest assured that our customer support team is available 7 days a week to help!

#5 Post-Launch Follow Up

Check in with your staff and make sure that they have a solid understanding of your improved software system. Questions can come up immediately, or during special circumstances.  Give people the space to learn, and they’ll reward you with a smoothly-run business.

You know you’ve got it made when you can’t imagine waiting so long to upgrade your software. If you want to learn more about new software and the capabilities you’re missing out on, give us a call to schedule a demo today.

A True Horror Story: I Lost My Data!

We recently heard a story that gave us chills up and down our spines. We lost our appetite and couldn’t sleep. We tossed and turned, and would have slept with the lights on if we thought it would’ve helped.

Imagine working hard on your business. Spending long nights crunching numbers, formatting your family entertainment center software, and putting in time building your business instead of relaxing on weekends and week nights with friends or family. Knowing you were building something big that could support your family and allow you to be there with them for dance recitals and soccer games.

Then, you lose it all.

This is essentially what happened. One person in the trampoline park industry had to dismiss an employee (we don’t know the details), and that not so happy ex-employee took a magnet to their local server. It's a nightmare like no other! Imagine having a vulnerability in your business that could be so easily exploited. This trampoline park owner lost ALL of their data for their business. All because of one quick decision made out of anger.

Sure, they still had the trampoline park facility and the employees, but imagine the chaos that would ensue. Without your data, customers wouldn’t have any saved information or preferences. Anything purchased before would be lost. Booked birthday parties, pre-booked tickets, waiver history, and customer data would be wiped out.

You could get past it, of course. In time, you could collect new customer information and build up new lists. You’d lose out on many customers who were negatively affected by the shuffle, and lose money.

A Cloud Based Solution That Keeps Your Data Secure!

Wouldn’t you rather avoid the problem to begin with? Imagine showing up on a Saturday with 20 parties booked and not knowing when they would arrive, who it was for, how much had been paid, or if anyone had waivers. Avoid the problem by using our CLOUD BASED software. With Active8 as your software solution you can rest easy knowing that your data is safely secured on our cloud based system. You have enough to worry about when running your business, don't let the potential loss of your data haunt your dreams. Ditch the server and switch to our all-in-one cloud based software solution today!

How To Tell When You Need to Upgrade Your Software

Remember the good ol’ days of MySpace? Or when you got the first iPhone?

Hold onto your hats because MySpace was founded in 2003, and the first iPhone came out in 2007. In less than twenty years, MySpace rose and fell, and the iPhone evolved into its tenth version. Isn’t it crazy to think If you’re still holding on to old technology, you may not even know how far we’ve come?

The same goes for trampoline park software you use every day to run your business. Keep reading for some of the key signs that you’re in need of an upgrade to a more current, nimble point of sale software.

Not Intuitive

If you’re using old software, the first thing you’ll notice is how hard it is to get employees up to speed. You may be familiar with an older software, but old software was not intuitive or designed for a great user experience. You should be able to teach a new employee your software quickly. If your software involves the task of memorizing commands and sequences, your software is way too old to help you succeed in the modern business age. Technology should be working for you, not against you.

Customer Satisfaction

Your customers are what drives your business, so why do so many businesses seem to forget about them? When your customer is unable to work with you effectively and efficiently, they will find someone else to solve their problem. That means, they’ll probably find your competitors. Your family entertainment center software needs to focus on the customers, and how they can work with you easier. They want to spend their money with you, but poor software will make them think you don’t want it.

Money Down the Drain

Software can pay for itself by bringing you more customers, happier regulars, and data to help you make future plans. If your software isn’t pulling its weight, that’s money down the drain. Effective software speeds up your ability to process payments and work with your needs. Amazing software has talent behind it, and the right software will offer state-of-the art options and solutions for your problems. Case in point: birthday parties. If you’re running a trampoline park, you know how much birthday parties matter to the health of your business. Specially-designed birthday party booking software can help take work off your hands, so you can focus on bigger, more timely tasks.

If your software is old, tired, and ready to be replaced, we can help. Contact us to schedule a demo today.


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