The Best Ways to Transition from Old Software to New Software

So, you’ve finally decided to take the leap and upgrade to new software. Honestly, it’s about time. Old software can gum up the works of your business, or even lead to loss of crucial data. But, just because you know something’s wrong, it can take a while to get to the point to make a change.

As behaviorists and psychologists explain, loss aversion rules many of us. Loss aversion refers to the idea that the pain of losing something is actually stronger than the joy of getting something. Essentially, we cling to what’s familiar. After all, the unknown is a lot scarier than the known: it could always get worse, right? But that’s negativity for you. Good on you for realizing that good things come to those who embrace change.

But, now that you’ve decided to make a switch, it’s important to do it right. There’s a reason we fear the unknown, after all. That's why we have complied a list of suggestions you should employ that will help your software transition go from hectic to a crowd pleasing success!

#1 Research

Before anything else, spend time researching your options. You might think you’re wasting time, but nothing feels more like a time-sink than discovering your new point of sale software actually doesn’t do what you thought. Examine your options with a list of your needs, and compare until you find the best fit. Then schedule a demonstration of your top software choices. See it in action and come prepared with you list of must haves to ensure that the system you choose fits the needs of your venue.

#2 Plan

Once you’ve narrowed down your software choices, make a plan for how to make the transition as seamless as possible. Ask the software providers about switching costs, downtime that may require you to close park, and if training is provided. Clients switching to Active8 never experience downtime and enjoy optional onsite launch support. After all, a great first impression is essential to a lasting relationship! Our cloud based software system is also able to connect to any WIFI enabled device. This means you get to keep your existing hardware!

#3 Communicate

How many of us have experienced a well-organized roll-out, and a poorly planned one? The differences are staggering in how long it takes to get employees up to speed, and the learning curve can affect everyone differently. We make sure everyone affected by the software transition understands what’s going on by offering onsite training. Active8 clients also enjoy a single point of contact prior to and immediately following your software launch.

#4 Have a Training Plan

A well executed training plan saves time and ensures that your staff will be able to get back to what really matters, helping your customers have fun at your entertainment center. Our onsite training and easy to navigate platform ensures that your staff goes from novice to an expert in no time. And if questions arise, you can rest assured that our customer support team is available 7 days a week to help!

#5 Post-Launch Follow Up

Check in with your staff and make sure that they have a solid understanding of your improved software system. Questions can come up immediately, or during special circumstances.  Give people the space to learn, and they’ll reward you with a smoothly-run business.

You know you’ve got it made when you can’t imagine waiting so long to upgrade your software. If you want to learn more about new software and the capabilities you’re missing out on, give us a call to schedule a demo today.

A True Horror Story: I Lost My Data!

We recently heard a story that gave us chills up and down our spines. We lost our appetite and couldn’t sleep. We tossed and turned, and would have slept with the lights on if we thought it would’ve helped.

Imagine working hard on your business. Spending long nights crunching numbers, formatting your family entertainment center software, and putting in time building your business instead of relaxing on weekends and week nights with friends or family. Knowing you were building something big that could support your family and allow you to be there with them for dance recitals and soccer games.

Then, you lose it all.

This is essentially what happened. One person in the trampoline park industry had to dismiss an employee (we don’t know the details), and that not so happy ex-employee took a magnet to their local server. It's a nightmare like no other! Imagine having a vulnerability in your business that could be so easily exploited. This trampoline park owner lost ALL of their data for their business. All because of one quick decision made out of anger.

Sure, they still had the trampoline park facility and the employees, but imagine the chaos that would ensue. Without your data, customers wouldn’t have any saved information or preferences. Anything purchased before would be lost. Booked birthday parties, pre-booked tickets, waiver history, and customer data would be wiped out.

You could get past it, of course. In time, you could collect new customer information and build up new lists. You’d lose out on many customers who were negatively affected by the shuffle, and lose money.

A Cloud Based Solution That Keeps Your Data Secure!

Wouldn’t you rather avoid the problem to begin with? Imagine showing up on a Saturday with 20 parties booked and not knowing when they would arrive, who it was for, how much had been paid, or if anyone had waivers. Avoid the problem by using our CLOUD BASED software. With Active8 as your software solution you can rest easy knowing that your data is safely secured on our cloud based system. You have enough to worry about when running your business, don't let the potential loss of your data haunt your dreams. Ditch the server and switch to our all-in-one cloud based software solution today!

How To Tell When You Need to Upgrade Your Software

Remember the good ol’ days of MySpace? Or when you got the first iPhone?

Hold onto your hats because MySpace was founded in 2003, and the first iPhone came out in 2007. In less than twenty years, MySpace rose and fell, and the iPhone evolved into its tenth version. Isn’t it crazy to think If you’re still holding on to old technology, you may not even know how far we’ve come?

The same goes for trampoline park software you use every day to run your business. Keep reading for some of the key signs that you’re in need of an upgrade to a more current, nimble point of sale software.

Not Intuitive

If you’re using old software, the first thing you’ll notice is how hard it is to get employees up to speed. You may be familiar with an older software, but old software was not intuitive or designed for a great user experience. You should be able to teach a new employee your software quickly. If your software involves the task of memorizing commands and sequences, your software is way too old to help you succeed in the modern business age. Technology should be working for you, not against you.

Customer Satisfaction

Your customers are what drives your business, so why do so many businesses seem to forget about them? When your customer is unable to work with you effectively and efficiently, they will find someone else to solve their problem. That means, they’ll probably find your competitors. Your family entertainment center software needs to focus on the customers, and how they can work with you easier. They want to spend their money with you, but poor software will make them think you don’t want it.

Money Down the Drain

Software can pay for itself by bringing you more customers, happier regulars, and data to help you make future plans. If your software isn’t pulling its weight, that’s money down the drain. Effective software speeds up your ability to process payments and work with your needs. Amazing software has talent behind it, and the right software will offer state-of-the art options and solutions for your problems. Case in point: birthday parties. If you’re running a trampoline park, you know how much birthday parties matter to the health of your business. Specially-designed birthday party booking software can help take work off your hands, so you can focus on bigger, more timely tasks.

If your software is old, tired, and ready to be replaced, we can help. Contact us to schedule a demo today.

Customer Service: The Ultimate Goal

Customer service doesn’t come up very often in the news, unless it seems to be a customer service problem. Scandals can follow certain banks, businesses, and CEOs for years. And, even more recently, bloggers and “influencers” have found their reputations ruined by false claims or shady behavior. In the days of viral content and all-knowing social networks, it’s difficult to hide your bad behavior from the world. We always tend to find out, even if it’s just the reputation you have with your neighbors and customers.

Trust is Earned…Not Given

Once you’ve lost someone’s trust, it’s so hard to get it back.

That’s why we try to help you offer the best customer service available, with our streamlined, all-in-one point of sale software system. Obviously, we can’t train your employees to give five-star service every minute of every day (we wish we could!), but we know how much easier work can be when tools WORK. Minimize frustrations for your employees with clear systems and top-notch birthday party booking software. You know you want it.

If you’re sick and tired of your point of sale system not being easy to use, breaking down, or just plain not making your business better, it’s time to get in touch. Book a demonstration of our software today and see first hand how we can help your team deliver an excellent customer experience.

Why Your Business Needs to Be Stored In The Cloud

Have you ever lost something important? Fires, floods, thieves. You name it, it’s happened. The worst part is losing things you can’t replace. Pictures of your kids, wedding rings, and family heirlooms can disappear in the blink of an eye. And while the cloud can’t backup your wedding ring, it can back up crucial information to the health of your business. Keep reading to learn why you should back up your important business information to the cloud.

Disaster Recovery

Remember that flood we mentioned? Unfortunately, natural disasters are not as rare as we would like. And, they can impact your business life, just as hard as they can impact your home. If you’re storing your data locally, you’re putting all your eggs in one basket. With the cloud, your data is duplicated and stored in multiple locations in a region. That lowers your risk of losing important data, even if something were to happen in an area where one specific data center is located.


The cloud never sleeps. It’s always available for you, like a good dog. No matter if you’re on your phone or laptop, in your office or waiting for a flight in the airport. Having constant access to important data that you need to look at for meetings or business decisions is key to having an agile business. Don’t worry about a tech kicking a cable and unplugging it. Your data is available anywhere, anytime, on any device with a WIFI connect…Even your mobile device.


You can easily grow your software infrastructure into emerging markets. If you've been looking at opening a new entertainment center in a new country, it’s so much easier to do with the cloud. Our cloud based software can be deployed in a new market without a lot of the hassle you’d get with software that needs to be stored locally. You can easily duplicate and expand your business with the cloud.

Ditch the Server

Ready to ditch the server and sleep well again at night not worried about the next hurricane, tornado, or clumsy employee who trips over your computer cords everyday? Give us a call or book a demo. We'd be happy to show you how our cloud based software solution can grant you peace of mind.

FAQ and Features You Need to Know About

We know you’re imagining your immediate game plan of how you’ll soon be running around shopping (or staying home and baking delicious holiday goodies), because the holiday season is HERE. Note: If you celebrate Christmas, you have ONE WEEK to get your stuff together. *Panic ensues*

So, what could be better than a little procrastination? Keep reading for some of the most frequently asked questions about our family entertainment center software!

How do people sign waivers?

We know your struggles. Customers sign waivers online, but then they get frustrated when your employees can’t find them. Why have people sign ahead of time, if it takes just as long to check in? We’ve streamlined the waiver structure, helping your customers enjoy your entertainment center with the industries fastest check-in!

How do you handle groups?

If you have a lot of repeat customers, it can get a little time-consuming to find every single person in your system. With Active8, you don’t need to search high and low for each customer. In fact, families and groups are linked together. So, if you have the same group coming in every Saturday, for example, you can find them and check them in all together. Genius, right?

Why does everyone LOVE Active8?

Well, we like to think they like us for our charm and great sense of humor, but the truth is they love our product. Our cloud based software makes life easier, linking concessions, booking, point of sale and more, all together in one seamless product. We’re constantly retooling and improving our system to make your entertainment center run more smoothly. And, we’re working on bigger and better products to help you make more moolah.

What happens if I need help?

We don’t expect you to be tech experts, which is why our customer service is on point. If you need support or just have a question about how to do something in the software, give us a call or head to our contact us page for access to your countries support line. Active8 may be proudly developed in the USA, but we are committed to serving all of our customers with a personalized approach, regardless of location.

I’m just opening up my trampoline park, indoor playground, climbing gym…and I need everything. Can you help?

Actually, yes. Our family entertainment center point of sale software is no slouch. In fact, we offer the hardware to help you and your team stay streamlined and working optimally. If you need the works, we can help. We can even help hook you up with some of the best entertainment center designers in the industry.

What will it cost?

It all depends on what you’re looking at. Get in touch with us to learn more about our family entertainment center software and pricing.

Welcome to Active8 New Clients!

Well well well, the Active8 family is growing so fast we might need to buy another minivan to get to the Grand Canyon. Do you see an Active8 POS-user in your neighborhood? Click through to see some of our newest launches!

Flight Deck – Arlington

Flight Deck – Ft Worth

Altitude – Malaga (Spain)

Altitude – Round Rock

Altitude – Richardson

TZ Bend

Airdrenaline Park

Yes, you could say we’ve been busy the last month and a half. In fact, some might say that our schedule rivals that of Santa Claus (though we’d NEVER be so bold). So, if your trampoline park booking software is acting up, your family entertainment center point of sale software is slower than a day at the DMV, or your trampoline park pos software is just straight up busted, you know what to do. Contact us today to learn why these successful entertainment centers chose to join the Active8 family!

New Year, New Business Goals

Ah, the last day of November, which means that the shopping panic will surely strike us all right in the heart tomorrow morning. The holidays are truly upon us, and we hope you’re out enjoying yourself instead of stressing about how you missed all the Black Friday sales. Maybe you’re like us and just taking a few extra jumps at the family entertainment center to blow off steam.

Instead of worrying about shopping, take some time to plan out how your 2019 is going to go. And, chances are that you’ve taken the time to understand your market, scope out the competition, and solidify your business plan already. But, does your three or five-year plan have all the details you want to focus on this year? Take some time to dial in what you will work on next year in order to reach those goals. Keep reading to see some great suggestions and get your brain working.

Adopt new equipment or technology

We promise that we didn’t choose this one just because we make the best entertainment center point of sale software on the market. Hand-to-our-heart, upgrading your technology or equipment can help you get the edge on your competitors. And, the nicer and safer your venue looks, the happier customers will be. So, take a look around and see if you need to upgrade foam cubes, dodgeball balls, airbags, trampoline springs, tables, or anything else that isn’t doing it for you.

Of course, you should look at your point of sale software and birthday party booking software. If it’s a hassle to use, isn’t intuitive, or makes your life harder, you’re wasting time on a tool that isn’t cutting it. We believe that tools should be adjusted to the task at hand, and not the other way around. We make your family entertainment center run smoothly, so you can get back to your other tasks.

Reach new target audiences

If you know there are customers out there that haven’t visited you, this may be the year to find them. Whether you hire a consultant or experiment with social media marketing, finding new customers is a great way to grow your business.

Improve employee benefits

If you’re just starting out, you may not have the ability to give your employees the raise they deserve. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t give them anything. Providing leadership training can help them boost their resume, and snacks in the break room can help them stay in a people-pleasing mood.

Develop your long-term plan

If you don’t have a five-year plan for your business, it’s time to sit down and get serious. Prevent mistakes by having a clear road-map for the future, and make sure everyone involved is on the same page. You can include a plan for retaining customers through stellar customer service, boost your PR by being involved in the community, and how to increase revenue.

Improve your finances

Be strict with your expenses, and separate all business expenses from your personal ones (if you haven’t already). Look at expenses that bring your business down and brainstorm ways to improve that area. For example, if you are having to add staff to reduce the long line at your center give us a call. Clients on the Active8 system report an in-store check-in time of less than 3 minutes! Which results in less staff requirements and money saved!

No matter what you do, having a clear framework will help you move toward your goals in 2019. If you want to learn more about our cloud based pos and how we can help you grow your business in 2019, give us a call at today.

How to Take Advantage of Holiday Time Off

Though it feels like Corporate America started the official holiday season the day after Halloween this year, the truth is, you should be thinking and planning that far ahead, too. Even farther, when it comes to behind the scenes work. When it comes to business (not just entertainment centers), it’s the people who are organized and plan ahead that often succeed. So if your business model is more of the “winging it” or “we’ll figure it out later” type, well, we have a resolution for you. And, we also have a family entertainment center point of sale system that can help you streamline and understand your business better, by the way. 😉

Being able to take full advantage of the holiday season doesn’t require too much. A little forethought and time spent understanding who your customer is and what makes them happy will go a long way. Keep reading for one key thing you need to know to keep your family entertainment center thriving.

Who (or What) Is the Competition?

Identifying your competition is key to a successful campaign. Why are people choosing that option? Alternatively, what would keep them from choosing that route? Knowing where you fit in the picture gives you your “in.” And though you likely know your competition, you may not have realized that it can change with the weather. Whaaaa?

Competing With The Great Outdoors

For example, if you’re located in a cold state that gets a lot of snow, your climbing gym, trampoline park, or indoor playground may be competing with the great outdoors. Sledding, skiing, and ice skating all become way more popular this time of year, if only because you can only ski in the snow (unless you’re “ a creative” maybe). Going further, understand who is and who isn’t taking advantage of that weather. You may find a perfect market in families with kids too young to go skiing. Or, alternatively, your target market could end up containing all of those people who transplanted to your cold weather city for work, and never liked the snow anyway.


You might also be competing with the influx of movies that hit the theaters right around this time of year. Whether it’s the third remake of a kid’s holiday movie, or a nice refreshing action movie with an impossibly fit star in his 60’s (our personal fave), the movies that earn millions year after year sometimes leave us scratching our heads. But, alas, the heart wants what it wants. If your entertainment center's location is near a movie theatre, consider teaming up with that theater to offer discounted tickets or spruce up your signage to lure in patrons just leaving the theater.

Holiday Shoppers

Let’s just say that you’re going after the shoppers this time of year. That can be tricky, if you’re looking at it from a straight-forward perspective. We’re definitely not going to suggest that parents leave their kids unsupervised at your family entertainment center so they can shop, so how can we convince them to spend a few precious hours with you?

It’s easier than you think. Suggest that multiple families team up for an afternoon at your ninja gym, trampoline park, or climbing center. That way, some parents can stay and watch the kids, while others can go get some shopping done.

Let’s face it, a lot of dads would rather play dodgeball on a trampoline than spend four hours shopping anyway. Not everyone thinks of things like this, so suggesting it can be a real help for guests. A sandwich board in front of your location, a social media post, or a small flyer can all help spread the word.

When in doubt, don’t be afraid to experiment. The last-minute deal might become the tool you use again and again. Once you’ve gotten your post-Thanksgiving deals under control, give us a call. Our cloud based point of sale software can help you plan ahead for busy days and keep your employees sane.

Back-To-School: How to Improve Birthday Parties at Your Entertainment Center

Take a look around your entertainment center. Does it seem quieter than it used to be? The free-for-all of summer quickly turned into back-to-school calm as kids settle into their new classes. Kids are back in school, and we’re switching modes. Think of the quiet as a time to refocus on what your park can improve on through the whole year: birthday parties.

Remember birthday parties? With balloons and cake and decorations? Maybe you have Birthday Party Booking Software but you don’t know how to make the most of it. We’re surprised at how many family entertainment centers overlook the power of the birthday party to bring in revenue and keep their park top-of-mind for long weekends and holiday breaks. Keep reading to learn how to improve your park’s birthday party system.

Bring on the Food

Kids might not eat a lot, but they sure seem to when they’re running around and jumping for what seems like hours. Make sure to have the usual suspects on the menu (pizza always and forever) but, by taking food allergies into account, you can show how much you care. Consider gluten-free alternatives and maybe cut out anything with peanuts, almonds or cashews for kids or parents who have food sensitivities.

Party Host With the Most

Every good party has a good host steering the fun. The party host keeps everyone on schedule, making sure the party has plenty of time to devour plenty of cake and ice cream before kids go home (gotta love those sugar-rushes). The host also makes sure that everyone’s happy, which makes sure they’re spreading good reviews about your park. We make things easier for your party host by featuring our Birthday Party Software right on an iPad, so your host can get everything settled when they check in the party. From tableside check-in to ordering more pizza and even adding additional guests who forgot to RSVP, our cloud based software has got you covered.

Did We Mention Cake?

The more you can provide for the party, the easier you make life for the party parents. Look into the cost of working with a local bakery to provide cakes and other snacks for your parties. The parents will thank you for the convenience, since it’s one less thing for them to worry about. Add it on as an option that presents itself during the checkout process with a few clicks in the Active8 software system.

Details Make a Difference

There are some things that make a party: decorations, cake, and fun activities. But don’t stop there! Yes, you’ve got the foundation but think outside the box. Think about the best place for your parties. Is your birthday party room far away from the action? Put it front and center to advertise to everyone how fun a party at your park can be.

Make them feel special in a big way. Customize parties for kids who like pirates, princesses, or ponies. A few extra decorations and party hats help each party feel unique.

Offer goody bags for kids to take home after the party ends. They keep the fun going a little bit longer after all that sugar wears off.

Ultimately, the more you can do the better! Some parents want to sit back and relax so when you provide a great service like a fun birthday party, they’re thrilled!

Ready to take your birthday party experience to the next level? Book a demo of our software today and see how we have seamlessly integrated party booking, point of sale, memberships and more!


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