Nobody parties like Active8 Software! Anyone who’s involved in the family entertainment center industry, knows that birthday parties and group events are as good as a golden ticket at a chocolate factory! Parties and group events are essential offerings that all trampoline parks and indoor play centers must offer their guests. That’s why active entertainment center owners and operators need a solid party process and exceptional party booking system that’s up to the task…Oh, we're up to the task alright. The Active8 Software system has a robust party booking platform that covers everything from the initial purchase through the day of the celebration.



Our cloud-based software allows your customers to book birthday parties, group events, school trips, and more online or in-store. The in-store party booking platform is a breeze for employees to learn and even prompts them to upsell parties during the booking process. Parents who prefer booking their party online love how easy our online party booking solution is to navigate. The Active8 Software online party booking platform quickly guides your guests through the event booking process on their mobile device or desktop computer!


Active8 Software allows you to customize party packages to fit the needs of your active entertainment center. Offer your guests a variety of pre-built packages that are as unique as your entertainment venue. Our party booking software also ensures that you can quickly modify your birthday party and event offerings on the fly to accommodate all your guest’s requests. We’ve designed our party booking platform to be as flexible as possible, so you can make sure your guests have an excellent party experience!



Your party hosts will be prepared for upcoming birthday parties and events with our integrated checklist. This powerful feature has time stamps next to each completed pre-party requirement. Your guests will be blown away with how quickly your party hosts are able to get the party started!


Always be in the know with Active8 Software’s Calendar View. Gain insights and prepare for day and weekly events with our integrated calendar platform. Quickly modify scheduled events and more with our custom drag and drop feature.


At Active8 Software, we believe that the party host should be in the party room, not running back and forth to the point of sale station. With our wireless tablets your party hosts can order café items, increase or decrease the number of party attendees, and more without leaving the party room.


Cool Feature Alert! We've integrated digital invitations into our party booking process! This innovative feature allows the parent that booked the party to send invitations to their guests. All invitations can be branded with your park’s logo, come with an RSVP button, and an integrated waiver that guests are encouraged to complete before they arrive at your venue. Parents of the guest of honor, your party host, and your staff can see who has accepted the invite. They can also see who needs to complete their waiver, making the party check-in process much easier. This entire process is designed to help your team prepare for the customer’s event and improves communication between your staff and the parents who booked the event.


Our kiosks allow party goers to quickly check-in for their party and even allow guests to sign and verify waivers, before they head off to their dedicated party area. We've all experienced the chaos that can occur when a large group of party guests arrive at the same time as your Saturday afternoon rush. Well, those days are in the past when you allow party guests to utilize self-service kiosks to check-in for their event!



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